Explore the History of Tumbler Ridge

Explore the History of Tumbler Ridge

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Very Long History of Tumbler Ridge

Tumbler Ridge was incorporated in 1981, but the region dates are filled with ancient history dating back to the pre-historic era. Tumbler Ridge is a great little stop where you can see evidence of multiple points of time in one convenient location. Explore dinosaur bones and look at the actual places where they roamed, look at the original summer camps from Tumbler Ridge’s First Nations, learn about explorers of the past and stories of their travels, then finish off seeing the progress of today. Here is a list of places to check out when learning about the history of Tumbler Ridge.

Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation – Dinosaur Discover Gallery

Visit the Dinosaur Discover Gallery showcasing material found from two B.C. excavations. Come see evidence of vertebrate tracks and traces that roamed throughout western Canada. The exhibit has one of the best-kept records of Triassic marine fish and reptiles fossils from this region.

The museum also showcases other exhibits spanning from early explorers to the mining growth of the area.

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Monkman Provincial Park

Monkman Provincial Park covers 62,867 hectares of mountains, valleys, waterfalls and alpines. Walk the same path as Alex Monkman, the famous explorer of the Tumbler Ridge region in 1922. This pass provided him with his vision of a railroad route connecting to the south.


  • Wildlife: Grizzly and black bear, mountain goats, caribou deer, mountain sheep, gray wolves, fishers, martens, wolverines, marmots, hares, moose and much more.
  • Camping: Enjoy a variety of campgrounds nestled in the forest
  • Hiking Trails: For experienced hikers only with advanced navigation skills.
  • Kinueso Falls: This mighty waterfall is 60 metres over a geological fault.

Quintette and Bullmoose Coal Mine

Located just 20 km south of Tumbler Ridge, this coal mine since 2000 has been closed. The current owners, Teck, a global steel coal mining company, has halted all activities as of now. Come take a look at one of the main drivers of Tumbler Ridge’s creation.

Worth the Trip

Tumbler Ridge is a great place to camp, explore local dinosaur excavation spots and a quiet town located in the heart of B.C’s Beautiful natural landscape. There are year-round activities that make it the perfect place for any outdoors enthusiasts. Take a trip to Monkman provincial park and experience breath-taking waterfalls.


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