Tumbler Ridge Jobs

Tumbler Ridge Jobs

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Are you looking for Tumbler Ridge jobs? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This blog discusses the main industries, job boards, and employers in Tumbler Ridge. Find everything you need related to Tumbler Ridge jobs in this blog.


Main Industries

Tumbler Ridge Jobs
The major industries in Tumbler Ridge are coal, forestry, and tourism. The District of Tumbler Ridge released an Employment Strategy document for 2016 which also discusses these, and other Tumbler Ridge industries, in further detail.



Originally, a labour force for the coal mining industry is the reason Tumbler Ridge was built. Coal is still the dominant industry in the city today. There is currently a $1.4 billion coal mine project in Murray River, near Tumbler Ridge, operated by HD Mining International. This provides lots of job opportunities for locals, as well as Mandarin speaking immigrants. When the Quintette mine closed in 2000, employment in Tumbler Ridge expanded into forestry and tourism.



Tumbler Ridge has a community forest with 22,000 hectares of Crown land that harvests 20,000 cubic metres of timber each year. The project began in 2012 and the agreement is for a 25-year term. The District of Tumbler Ridge uses the forest licence to “mitigate wildfire risks by reducing fuels in the surrounding forests that have been impacted by the mountain pine beetle infestation. Timber from the community forest will be used to supply West Fraser and Canfor sawmills in nearby Chetwynd, supporting existing jobs in the local forest sector.”



Tourism is a growing industry in Tumbler Ridge. One reason is because of huge dinosaur fossil discoveries in the area. Tumbler Ridge is now home to the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre that conducts research and maintains fossils. It is the only dinosaur and ancient fossil centre in BC.

The tourism industry in Tumbler Ridge is also growing due to the large number of outdoor recreations available. These include lots of trails, waterfalls, parks, mountains, and bodies of water. In addition to these attractions, there are also provincial parks nearby as well. Some examples of the provincial parks include Monkman Provincial Park, Bearhole Lake Provincial Park, and Gwillim Lake Provincial Park. These parks provide a great atmosphere for young families, dog owners, and individuals alike.


Tumbler Ridge Jobs OnlineTumbler Ridge Jobs

Learn about the best Tumbler Ridge job sources and find out where you’ll start your new career today. There are so many different websites displaying Tumbler Ridge job postings, it can be confusing figuring out where to go. These are our recommended job sources:


Government of Canada Job Bank

The Government of Canada has an online job bank that you can filter to show Tumbler Ridge jobs only.

There are options to sort by location, date posted, length of employment, language, education, and title. A wide selection of jobs are listed, depending on what jobs in Tumbler Ridge are currently available. There are also lots of different employers that post jobs on this site. Read this blog further for details on which employers are in Tumbler Ridge.


Work BC

The Work BC website offers a portal to its own job board, BC industry job boards, apprenticeship job boards, information for job seekers, and tips to help with the job search.

The industries listed range from agriculture to business to trades. Although the jobs aren’t specifically focused on Tumbler Ridge, there are filters to select certain cities. Similarly, you can narrow the job postings page down to show just job openings in Tumbler Ridge.

The tips are about resume writing, preparing for interviews, developing skills, and using social media.


Job Posting Websites

There are lots of job source websites that allow you to use location filters to specify a city location. We have set the location parameters for Tumbler Ridge jobs on these links to Indeed, Monster, and Simply Hired.

These sites list multiple job postings, in different industries, for different companies. They are great sources for your job search because they are well known to most employers. Therefore, you can count on them to post accurate jobs by reputable companies. You can also set alerts to notify you when new jobs pop up, which is very helpful for any job seeker.


District of Tumbler Ridge

The District of Tumbler Ridge is a city website, not a local news source specifically. However, it is in this blog because it is an excellent source for city announcements, events, developments, community services, and public safety.

It is a great place for both Tumbler Ridge residents and visitors to visit regularly for up-to-date information about the city.

It houses information about schools, health programs, maps of the town, community organizations, licensing and permits, and many other things. If you are considering moving to Tumbler Ridge, this site is a great place to start learning about the city.


Tumbler Ridge Employers

Tumbler Ridge Jobs

Although Tumbler Ridge is small, there are various employers around the city. We looked through job search engines and maps to find out exactly what employers are offering jobs within 25km of the Tumbler Ridge area. Below is a list of some of the employers we found:

  • Imperial Oil
  • Tumbler Ridge Health Center
  • Shop Easy Foods
  • Tru Hardware
  • Kinuseo Cafe & Dining Room
  • Subway
  • Tumbler Ridge Elementary
  • Fas Gas Plus
  • KC’s Dollar Store
  • BC Liquor Store

This is not a complete list, but it’s a small sample of the variety of companies that could have openings for employment opportunities.

Whether you are a local resident or you are planning on moving to Tumbler Ridge in the future, plan ahead and start your job search today.

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