Local Tumbler Ridge News Sources

Local Tumbler Ridge News Sources

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Read this blog post to find the best Tumbler Ridge news sources. We have narrowed down the best sources that bring you up-to-date and local Tumbler Ridge news, so that you don’t have to search the internet to find them. Just bookmark some of these websites so that they are added to your favourites list and you can avoid the hassle of searching.

Tumbler Ridge is in northeastern British Columbia, at the base of the Canadian Rockies. It has a population of approximately 2,710 people and is 1,558 square km.

There are no local radio or tv stations that broadcast news from Tumbler Ridge. However, they do have repeat newscasts from stations at larger cities nearby.

Below are the best online Tumbler Ridge news sources:

The Mirror

Tumbler Ridge News
One of the most popular Tumbler Ridge news sources is The Mirror. It reports on regional news for Tumbler Ridge, Chetwynd, Pouce Coupe, Alberta Peace, and other areas in Northern BC.

The Mirror has been delivering news to the Dawson’s Creek area since 1980. It is distributed via newspaper every Thursday, however news is also posted on their website.

The Mirror covers local news stories as well as business, sports, arts, entertainment, classifieds, and obituaries. It is a great resource for anyone wanting to stay knowledgeable about Tumbler Ridge News.

In addition to news, The Mirror also maintains a career section, automobile sale board, and community events page. These help local residents, as well as visitors, acquire things they need around the city (a car, a job, a social life, etc).

Tumbler Ridge News

Tumbler Ridge News

Newspapers from Tumbler Ridge News are distributed every Thursday as well. It is a free newspaper that circulates about 1,100 copies per week. Their news is also posted on the website for readers to view anytime.

The topics they focus on include local news stories, sports, arts, and culture. They also have a local views page that features letters to the Editor. These can be interesting reads, usually coming from local residents who have an opinion they want to voice.

They have a classifieds section as well, that contains 6 categories: Automobiles, Employment, Community, For Sale/ Looking For, Housing, and General. These are great for people wanting to move, find a job, find an item they wish to buy, or something they want to sell, etc.

In addition to news, this source also offers local photocopying and flyer delivery service in Tumbler Ridge. It’s been serving the community in many ways, since 1997.

District of Tumbler RidgeTumbler Ridge News

The District of Tumbler Ridge is a city website, not a local news source specifically. However, it is in this blog because it is an excellent source for city announcements, events, developments, community services, and public safety.

It is a great place for both Tumbler Ridge residents and visitors to visit regularly for up-to-date information about the city.

It houses information about schools, health programs, maps of the town, community organizations, licensing and permits, and many other things.

If you are considering moving to Tumbler Ridge, it is a great place to get started learning about the city.

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